Preliminary Damage Control: Government prepares against civilians if civil unrest begins in Southern Arizona

By Bryan Mitchell
March 21, 2012

The Arizona Daily Star announced on Monday, March 19, 2012, that an estimated 150 Royal Air Force airmen from the United Kingdom will be training in Tucson for a month before being sent to Southwest Asia. What their over seas mission would be is unclear, however, it is obvious that the United Nations militia is gearing up for a full scale war there only to bring them back for ‘business’ here.

The training exercise begins this week and will include the use of nine GR4 Tornados, attack aircraft capable of low-level supersonic flight.

Staff writer, Carmen Duarte for the Daily Star in her article “RAF warplanes to train out of D-M for 1 month”, reveals to the public that this preliminary training program is officially considered an OPERATION, and not merely a training exercise. It is in fact called “Operation Snowbird” which began in the 1970s as part-time winter flying practice for Air Guard pilots from northern states. By 2002, it was running year-round with warplanes and pilots from other branches of service and allied nations. Now, it is exclusively the British Air Force who routinely train in Tucson.
The carefully selected words attempt to convince the reader that this program is a shared experience, or some sort of neighborly “I’ll train you with my money and resources if you train me so we can fight for world democracy..” a friendly exchange. The article accomplishes this by saying the following:

“Units training at Davis-Monthan work in ‘similar conditions they would face in deployed environments, making the base and its assets ideal for combat training.’”

All of us have watched a Vietnam war movie at one time or another.. Forrest Gump had war scenes filmed in a tropical location, and there are enough of them to associate logic that the above statement could not possibly be sincere. The desert terrain and atmospheric and meteorological conditions of Southern Arizona are absolutely nothing like the dense humid jungles of Southeastern Asia.

Spokesperson for the 162nd Fighter Wing, Major Gabe Johnson, says that the training will take place over ranges in Southern Arizona in unpopulated areas.

Operation Snowbird adopted the term ‘snowbird’ for the reason that it was once the part-time winter flying practice for Air Guard pilots from US forces from other states, but by the year 2002 just after the this nation was crippled by the insider demolition to our world trade infrastructure, it allowed pilot involvement from allied nations. Snowbirds are people who would like to spend their time enjoying the warm temperate climate rather than shoveling snow and feeling the cold initiated joint pains of arthritis. They don’t come here to hack trails through dense foliage using machetes either.

Why is it important that the British need to train for low level flights over cactus and rocky mountain ranges? Recently there has been State legislative decisions to deem a state wide strip of area from California to New Mexico and was much as 62 miles north extending from the international border of Mexico to Tucson, Arizona.

Preliminary Damage Control

This zone has a purpose beyond what is told to the public. Generalizing, what it appears to be is a stepping up of a rather large notch in the building of the militarized infrastructure. This defense grid will eventually control the flow of US citizens from leaving the country while at the same time allowing warring nations to enter northward.

What may be happening is that it will be the Royal British air force is preparing their military for a future event. The pilots will be patrolling, guarding, and fighting against American Citizens within our borders at a time if a revolt would possibly break out. A natural catastrophe could also cause millions to try leaving this country southwardly and to prevent that, a pre trained UN force is require to secure the border. These men and women will be ‘furthering their education’ in real engagements in Asia and then subsequently be seasoned enough, numb to who it is they’re killing, to perform their function here on our soil against you and me.

“It has been speculated that if there was a revolt between civilians and a tyrannical government, that this civil war would first break out in Pima County which is home to former congressional house seat holder, Gabrielle Giffords.

Since the naming of a littoral class war vessel capable of navigating shallow rivers and shorelines (our water borders) by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus “USS Gabrielle Giffords” and the fact that the shooting of a congresswoman one year ago took place in Tucson, the heart of Pima County, the common denominator seems to be focused on a buildup in military. Gabrielle Giffords worked tirelessly with the armed forces and bases in her district. Her main staff employee, Ron Barber, filled her position during the year she was incapable of making decisions. He too kept close to military establishments and border concerns. While Barber was not officially ‘back to work’, he certainly could make calls while at home recovering from his gun shot wounds. He, if you remember, was not shot through the brain.

This is why this region of the United States is emphasizing a war on the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, drugs, and immigration.. it is powerfully interlinked and devised to ultimately disarm Americans.

If the Congress on your Corner Massacre where ‘Gabby’ was shot was intentionally staged in the midst of a logistically important militarized zone in America, then a false flag operation with a ulterior agendas attached had to occur in Tucson. This would allow the architects engineering a planned event in the future mental psyops control over the people. They accomplished this through media coverage by supplying the story with scripts in order to pull the wool over the eyes of what residents in Tucson south to the border town residents in Nogales, Arizona are seeing being built around them. They are being programmed to believe it is normal and for their ‘protection’… when it is not.

Remember that in a last minute media announcement, Giffords was shown preoccupied in a photo opportunity during Thanksgiving in 2011. She serving food to service men and women at Davis Monthan AB instead of worrying about helping people when the food bank services, recently funded by your donations and named after her, took zero action when food was unavailable to the community for the first time in 36 years of operation in the county which she served. The same community who prayed for her recovery got no attention during the holiday season. Nothing. Zip. She offered no Chanukkah or Christmas wishes to her constituents. And yet she demonstrated speaking skills while on ABC’s interview with Dianne Sawyer late last year.

Mark Kelly and his wife did write a book and promoted it on TV. Both these story tellers, however, were not anywhere near the largest two day book fair in Southern Arizona, Tucson’s University of Arizona, earlier this March. Even Roxanna Green who authored a book about her 9/11 daughter was not on the Rose parade float that showcased Christina-Taylor’s memory. Roxanna was most definitely present for the honor of being awarded the sponsor of the naval ship named after Gabrielle Giffords. Why was she not scheduled to sign books on March 10-11 either? Why don’t they allow the public to access them?

Meanwhile, dangerous laws have been signed into effect. These include the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and the Trespass Act (federal restricted buildings and grounds improvement act HR-347). Once all the proposed acts that have not been signed into law have become law, it will be then that the Constitution is rendered useless and that people will finally get the message and potentially uprise. Arizonans simply will not give up their right to defend themselves which is why the effort to stage a shooting spree in January of 2011 was important in a governmental attempt to convince most people that crazy kids with guns should be heavily regulated and that everyone must come under mental health care.

It’s happening primarily in Tucson, Arizona where people are sleeping at the wheel.
The greatest question for a conspiracy theorist is this, “Why the Royal British Air force?” One explanation could be that the Bush family has control of Mexico. They control Pemex oil industry therefore they controlled Vincente Fox back during the treasonous North American Union days and so forth. The Bush family is aligned with the British royal family that dominates over England as well as the United States. English Royalty are suspected as being responsible for creating the Gulf oil catastrophe with no responsibility for cleanup during and after two years ago. This event involved a British company best known as BP, or British Petroleum. The intent was and still is to devastate gulf state industry and render the people powerless to fight back when any of the global elites stake their claim to what they believe is their land (once known as your states of America).

They too wish to control the border states west of the gulf to the Pacific Ocean.


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